St. Francis de Sales and the Salesians: A Spirituality for the Modern World

Learn from the powerful model of Salesian spirituality and deepen your relationship with God and the world through this 12-part lecture series by Dr. Wendy Wright, PhD, profession of theology at Creighton University.

St. Francis de Sales (1567–1622) was born to a life of privilege, but after experiencing a profound conversion, he abandoned his wealth to devote himself to God. He went on to become a champion of the poor and a renowned preacher. Along with his spiritual friend St. Jane de Chantal, St. Francis de Sales taught the tradition of devout humanism. The Salesian tradition carries a vital message: God desires you to know and be close to him.

These 12 inspiring lectures invite you to reflect on this message, leading you to the full realization of your identity as beloved son or daughter of God. Under the guidance of one of the world’s leading Salesian spirituality experts, you will explore inspiring models in the Salesian tradition.

These lectures, along with an electronic study guide, are available for purchase here on the Now You Know Media site.

Introduction to the Devout Life Audio Book

IDL on YouTubeDid you know that you can listen to the Introduction to the Devout Life on YouTube? Wow! Thanks to Julianne Jackson of our Gulf Coast group for bringing this to our attention. Enjoy the recording here.



The Way of the Cross With St. Francis de Sales

The Way of the CrossThe little booklet The Way of the Cross with Saint Francis de Sales, written by Cynthia McMullen and illustrated by Mary Delaney, was published in 2013 is now out of print.

At the request of several groups, it is available here in pdf format.

Comprehensive Salesian Bibliography

What follows is a comprehensive bibliography of the writings and teachings of St. Francis de Sales. Reprinted here with permission from the author, Joe Boenzi, SDB.

Saint Francis de Sales, 1567-1622:

Toward a Complete Bibliography of English-language Works

compiled by Joseph Boenzi, SDB Introduction

The following bibliography is an update for the internet of a bibliography I was able to publish in the Journal of Salesian Studies in the Spring of this year. The scope of that work was to provide English-speaking students of Salesian ministry and spirituality with a tool that would assist them access the writings and teachings of Saint Francis de Sales.

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